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                                          Hello, thank you for visiting my website! 


I appreciate your courage in seeking therapy. This can feel like a huge step, but it's really like having skilled companionship on a safe, self-paced journey, customized specifically for you. Sometimes problems feel overwhelming and concentrated focus is important for relief. Sometimes just a "tune-up" is nice. Either way, you'll find me client-centered, compassionate, and gentle.

I'm an EMDR trauma recovery specialist, which includes "little-t" trauma that others might not recognize as traumatic to complex trauma (PTSD, C-PTSD, DID). I'm skilled in helping clients overcome difficulties with anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, loss, relationships, parenting, and more. 

I also specialize in the emotional needs of those who are sensitive, intense, highly curious, creative, talented, and/or gifted, as well as the emotional needs of the LGBTQ+ community. I hold a Doctorate in Applied Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. My dissertation, "The Trauma of the Gifted Child" was published online in May 2020. I'm also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist both in Florida and California. I've been working with clients for over fourteen years. Most recently, I have begun facilitating psychedelic therapy processing and integration.

After my father, Jim, returned from WWII, he joined the California Division of Forestry in 1952, and then was hired by the Salinas Rural Fire Department from which he retired in 1979. My Dad loved firefighting (but not the paperwork!), and the crews of SRFD and their families became our family. I was (still am) so proud of my Dad. I remember the smokey smell of his gear and his turnout boots were always ready and by his bed when he was on call. I have his fire ax, the blade of which was silverplated with his badge attached as a retirement gift from the department. My Dad is why I'm passionate about working with these extremely courageous and dedicated men and women Firefighters and other dedicated First Responders. I understand the culture, and I'm dedicated to helping all first responders work through personal challenges, compartmentalized memories, and emotions, so that through unburdening themselves and healing they, and their families can feel lighter, more naturally relaxed, happier, and enjoy life so much more.

Call me for a confidential chat about what's on your mind. Just leave a voice mail on my confidential number above, and I'll call you back as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours.


I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Dr. Cynthia Grow


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